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It's the greatest experience you will ever have! This is absolutely the place to go skydiving in 
southeast Texas. Blows the competition away. Learn to jump by yourself in as little as a week! It’s not scary! It’s very freeing and fulfilling. It's a lifetime of fun in one day. The people made the experience so much better! When you look back on your life in a few decades, don't you want to be able to say that you jumped? It really puts life in perspective. Annoyances in your life? Small stuff. You jump out of planes for fun.

Are you ready for the skydiving thrill of a lifetime? Freefall with the best at Skydive Spaceland!

Enjoy the skydiving industry's fastest turbine aircraft at our family-owned businesses near Houston, Texas and Miami, Florida! Where do you want to fly today?

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Skydive in Houston, Texas
Houston, Texas

Skydive in South Florida
Clewiston, Florida

Want to learn how to skydive? We offer the safest and most efficient way to learn to sky dive with our exclusive Tandem Progression and Skydiver Training Program (STP), developed by the most experienced skydivers in the industry.